About the Beacon

Bucks County is home to over 600,000 human beings, features cinematically beautiful land and towns, has contributed greatly to American culture (pop and otherwise) and is and has always been very engaged with the project of American democracy. But you might not know it from the local media, whether you’re counting the big city news ecosystems situated nearby, or from our own struggling local presses.


THE BUCKS COUNTY BEACON aims to present the clearest version of a progressive and dialed-in Bucks County. Taking a fresh and elegant approach to online newsgathering, the Beacon aggregates all that is Bucks through an original in-house voice and style, as well as offering enterprise reporting on matters relevant to the county (political and otherwise). In the doing, it’s our wish elevate a smart, plugged-in community that’s always been here, but is seldom represented in the media.


Ben Waxman | Publisher
Emily Smith | Chief Operating Officer
Cyril Mychalejko | Editor-in-Chief
Arielle Cohen | Chief Engagement Officer
Linda Lee | Reporter
Freda Savana | Story Editor