Fitz Roundup: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Representative Brian Fitzpatrick
Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, elected official, Bucks County, PA, government

When we last checked with Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, before the weekend, the legislator from Bucks was very busy not saying anything at all about the Rolling Stone reporting that alleged him to be in cahoots with — or at least in close proximity to — Jan. 6 bus trip organizer and sexy zumba class impresario Jim Worthington. 

Today is no different. Well, that’s not true, it’s a little different. 

The rot seems to be setting in on the long-running illusion of Fitzpatrick’s bipartisan-ship. At the same time that Fitz is casting himself as proud American fighting for freedom around the globe, he was also a guest of honor at an anti-LGBTQ Christian event in the Ukraine, of all places, the week before. 

It’s enough to make you think that this guy might be politically vulnerable. That’s not just you, it’s also a coalition led by Tax March, who are launching a $2 million campaign to pressure Republican lawmakers up for reelection in key states to back President Joe Biden’s agenda. Guess who’s on their list?

Jeff Garis, a leader of the effort in Fitzpatrick’s district in Pennsylvania, told CNBC on Monday that they will be gathering on Wednesday in Bucks County to “try to lift the message there, educate folks to call on Congressman Fitzpatrick to support the things that are part of the Build Back Better plan.” He added that the group on Friday will be going to Fitzpatrick’s district office with a similar message.

Garis said that there will likely be a few dozen people involved with the Fitzpatrick effort alone.

Mobile billboards that are expected to take aim at Fitzpatrick reviewed by CNBC include pushing pieces of Biden’s agenda such as lowering prescription drug prices and calling on voters to encourage the Pennsylvania lawmaker to “side with Pennsylvania families.”

It’s not all bad news for your man, though: In the middle of all this distraction, he did unveil a bipartisan bill to expand loans for small businesses and homeownership. Oh, and Angelina Jolie came to DC to support the re-up of the Violence Against Women Act, which he co-sponsored.

But we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t mostly bad news. He’s also, somehow, sticking his nose into the Troubles in Ireland years ago.

All while not yet answering even the most clear question from his constituents:

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