Fitzpatrick Notably, Eerily Silent On Alleged Insurrection Ties

In the wake of yesterday’s big story aligning Bucks’ own GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick with the Stop The Steal movement that incited the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol, Fitzpatrick has been surprisingly silent as the story takes on the shape of a national scandal.

Fitzpatrick, normally loquacious to the point of uselessness — he’s the kind of pol who issues a press release often predicated on someone else saying something — hasn’t even tweeted on the matter (he ordinarily tweets almost daily about literally anything that comes across his desk). In all likelihood knowing that the story was coming, the U.S. Representative currently has his head buried in foreign policy matters where his voice has traditionally been marginal at best, though, to be fair, this has not stopped him from getting in front of any microphone that will have him on the topic. 

Yesterday, as the story broke, Fitzpatrick first called in to a local conservative talk radio station to field softball questions about yesterday’s congressional hearings on the U.S. withdrawal of Afghanistan, ostensibly to mong fear around U.S. allies, only to then have an absolute nothingburger of an exchange with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. 

And then, that was it. Meanwhile, in the absence of speaking up for himself in the face of explosive allegations, political Twitter, and even the author of the Rolling Stone piece itself, dunked on Fitzpatrick as he went radio silent. 

Fitzpatrick’s big revelation of the day, instead? He’s off to Taiwan.

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