We need politicians’ town halls more than ever

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U.S. Senator Bob Casey held a drive-in town hall here in Bucks County on Thursday. Attendees sat in their cars in deference to the pandemic, but the Senator took live questions that were heard by tuning in to a radio station that broadcasted the event.  Presumably the media covered this story, and provided the accountability that was a part of the design of our representative democracy.Once upon a time, all lawmakers were expected to hold multiple town hall events each August, when they were home from Washington D.C. on their annual recess. But this was the first such event held in Bucks County by one of our elected members of the U.S. Congress since August 2017, when Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick held his one and only golden ticket town hall. That fact — that this area has not had a chance to hear their lawmakers speak extemporaneously and answer constituent concerns in over four years — should be newsworthy in and of itself.

Source: We need politicians’ town halls more than ever