Watch: Bucks County Sheriff Candidate Harran Gets Big Laughs On Daily Show

As an addendum to yesterday’s post on the Bucks Sheriff’s race, we offer the following bit of background on Republican candidate Fred Harran: He’s hilarious. But most likely not intentionally so. 

Back in 2018, when it was very popular for GOP types to flex about how hard they hate immigrants, Harran flexed so hard that he slipped on a banana peel and would up on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

In the clip above on policing in Sanctuary Cities, Harran appears at his then-desk as Bucks County Director of Public Safety. (The first thing correspondent Roy Wood Jr. notices is “this guy’s got a lot of shit on his desk.”) From that perch, Harran goes on to do the aforementioned flex while somehow simultaneously whining about how he can’t get ICE out to arrest immigrants quickly enough. 

Wood seems unimpressed. Voters might be, also. 

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Joey Sweeney

Joey Sweeney

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