​​Brian Fitzpatrick’s Votes Actually Align Him With Putin-Loving Trump And Against Ukraine

The Jim Worthington-backed Republican can run, but he can't hide from his record.
trump with putin
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Rep. Liz Cheney said in a tweet last week that she agreed with a fellow Republican lawmaker who called former President Donald Trump a “would-be tyrant.” 

Don’t expect that kind of integrity from Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who has intentionally and successfully avoided the wrath of the “Former Guy” who goes after members of Congress who put country over party and voted for his impeachment. Trump has sought revenge against nine of these Republicans in Congress by endorsing their opponents for the forthcoming November elections, actually prompting two of them who voted to impeach to abandon their races. 

Fitzpatrick voted for this guy.

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But Fitzpatrick doesn’t have to worry. He proved his fealty to Trump by voting against both impeachments. Fitzpatrick refused to vote against Trump’s first impeachment after he withheld military support for Ukraine in 2019. He then unforgivably voted against Trump’s second impeachment for the Jan. 6 insurrection and coup plot.

Fitzpatrick has feebly criticized the “Former Guy,” but when it’s time to vote on the most critical issues, he backs him.

The “Former Guy” cares about votes, not comments.

Currently, Fitzpatrick in acts of cynical partisan hackery is currently saying that Biden is not supporting the Ukraine military nearly enough. 

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He does this regularly on the two most biased right-wing news outlets, Newsmax and Fox News. Both news outlets are regularly featured by the Russian state media to bolster its own propaganda war on the Ukraine. News hosts on both news outlets openly support Russian genocidal autocracy over democracy.

Fitzpatrick’s calling President Biden weak in his support of Ukraine is a blatant attempt at shoring up his own far-right credentials. Fitzpatrick is not the president and has no inside knowledge what the current administration is doing behind the scenes to militarily support the Ukrainians. By spouting right-wing militant talking points on Fox and Newsmax, he is preaching to his right-wing base that he needs to get re-elected.

Fitzpatrick claims to be “Ranked #1 Most Bipartisan in Entire the nation”, but for those of us who still believe in facts, he is not bipartisan.

Rep. Liz Cheney says many of her Republican party members are too weak to speak out against Putin-loving Trump.  Brian Fitzpatrick is one of the weak Republican congressmen that she is referring to. 

Brian Fitzpatrick, your anti-impeachment votes have aligned you totally with the Putin-loving “Former Guy” and against Ukraine. 

You can’t hide from your record.

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