Pennsylvania Conservative Group Recruiting Informants to Report on Public Schools

The group wants its followers to keep an eye out for socialist and racist curricula, sex education, gender identity materials, and other so-called religious freedom and parental rights violations they believe exist.
pa family institute
Photo courtesy of PA Family Institute Facebook page.

A “pro-family” conservative group wants students, parents and teachers to report on so-called “political, sexual, or racist ideological indoctrination” in public schools for potential “grassroots and legal action.” 

The Pennsylvania Family Institute made the announcement on its website March 31, providing an incident report form for suspect activities in K-12 public schools.  

“Activists in schools are working overtime to proselytize children into sexual and other ideologies,” the right-wing group stated. “They use coercion, grooming techniques, and even bully those who do not embrace such ideologies.”

The group’s “goal is for Pennsylvania to be a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.”

It also seems to want to shape public education.

Separately, but equally concerning, was the recent revelation that Republican State Representative Barb Gleim posted on a “Moms for Liberty” Facebook page to recruit conservative spies to infiltrate public schools for similar reasons. 

Cumberland County’s Rep. Gleim wrote:

“We also need conservative eyes and ears in the schools. If anyone can substitute even one day a week, the teachers who are activists and indoctrinating children can be revealed. Not all teachers are for CRT, etc. We need to identify the ones who are pushing the professional development they received over the summer. Are they putting black children’s tests in separate piles and grading them differently? Have they separated the classroom? We won’t know these things until parents are allowed back into schools, so the best way is to sub.”

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