Doug Mastriano Refuses to Answer Tough Question from Conservative Media Outlet: Why Are You Running?

The real question is why is the retired Army colonel so afraid of journalists and answering simple questions?
Photo source: Doug Mastriano Fighting for Freedom Facebook page.

Far-right Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano’s strategy for running for governor apparently includes shunning all media, including outlets sympathetic to his politics.

Broad + Liberty, a conservative Philadelphia-based digital outlet, launched its “Gubernatorial Candidate Spotlight Series” Wednesday where it asked both Democratic candidate Josh Shaprio and Mastriano the following questions:

“Why are you running for public office in Pennsylvania? If elected, what would be the top priorities of your administration?”

According to Broad + Liberty, “The Mastriano campaign chose not to respond.” Click here to read Shapiro’s response. 

This isn’t the first time Mastriano has cut and run away from the media – and right-wing media no less. While giving a podcast interview to the Delaware Valley Journal in May, the Republican stormed off after being asked about his connections to QAnon supporters, apparently unhappy about the friendly fire.

Since then, Mastriano has been deleting all of his tweets mentioning QAnon. However, Media Matters has archived links of these tweets.

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