LTE: Brian Fitzpatrick Is Our MAGA Congressman

When it matters most Fitzpatrick always sides with MAGA Republicans.

Just as in the 2020 election, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick needs a Trump robocall to his MAGA voters. Trump’s robocall stated: “Re-Elect Brian Fitzpatrick to Congress. Brian Is a Respected Person. […] Get Out There And Vote For Brian Fitzpatrick. Outstanding Guy.” ” 

To get this to happen Fitzpatrick supports the MAGA agenda.

  1. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick refuses to defend President Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine, but the Pennsylvania Republican did NOT vote to impeach him. [Washington Post 12/18/19] So much for Fitzpatrick’s criticism of Biden’s support for Ukraine.
  1. “Congressman Fitzpatrick Votes Against Select Commission To Investigate Insurrection.” [Levittown Now, 7/3/21]    
  1. Fitzpatrick Said He Voted Against Impeaching Trump After The Capitol Insurrection Because It Was A “Single-Party Solution,” But Ten House Republicans Voted With Democrats To Impeach Trump. [Bucks County Courier Times, Interview with Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, 8/16/21] (VIDEO)
  1. “Fitzpatrick Votes No On $1.9T Covid Relief ill.” [Bucks County Courier, 3/1/21] Fitzpatrick still aligns himself squarely in the pro-Trump group of Republican lawmakers.” [Bucks County Courier, 8/24/21]
  1. “Fitzpatrick Said Trump’s Continued Hold Over The Party Did Not Bother Him.” “Fitzpatrick said Trump’s continued hold over the party did not bother him — ‘He’s entitled to his opinion,’ the congressman said.” [CNN, 9/5/21]
  1. Fitzpatrick Voted Against The Women’s Health Protection Act. In September 2021, Fitzpatrick voted against: “Passage of the bill that would statutorily establish that health care providers have a right to provide, and patients have a right to receive abortion services, and it would prohibit certain restrictions related to abortion services. The bill passed by a vote of 218-211. [H Res 3755, Vote #295, 9/24/21; CQ, 9/24/21]
  1. Fitzpatrick has criticized his former employer, the FBI, for executing a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. So much for Fitzpatrick’s supposed unwavering support for law enforcement. Fitzpatrick said “ We need to scrutinize FBI raid on Trump home as it was ‘most extreme option’ [Bucks County Courier Times 08/15/22]

    Trump has stolen and mishandled thousands of classified intelligence documents and this has seriously compromised American security. Our allies have every reason to be leery about sharing information with us in the future. 

    The former president said in a speech in Wilkes Barre, PA, on Sept. 3:  “The FBI and the justice department have become vicious monsters, controlled by radical-left scoundrels, lawyers and the media, who tell them what to do.”
  2. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Votes Against Abortion Rights, Again

    “Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick made it clear to voters that he opposes a women’s right to choose when he joined every other anti-abortion Republicans in Congress Friday to vote against the Women’s Health Protection Act.” [Bucks County Beacon 07/18/2022] 

 PA-01 remains one of the country’s most Democratic-leaning districts held by a Republican. Let’s change that in November by voting Ashley Ehasz into office.

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