We the Media! The Bucks County Beacon’s Future Is in Your Hands

We need your financial support in order to not only sustain, but grow this progressive media project for the long haul.
We the Media! These are the progressive voices who have helped build the Bucks County Beacon into a "must read" indy media outlet.

When I was named editor of the Bucks County Beacon at the end of March I never imagined we would grow as quickly as we have. For example, in the last two months we’ve had nearly 100,000 readers visit our site – up from a few thousand per month from when I first started. Thank you!

The Beacon was launched by Publisher Ben Waxman and Chief Operating Officer Emily Smith because it had been clear for years that Bucks County was in need of a progressive independent media outlet that offers hard-hitting news, analysis, and opinion from an unapologetic progressive perspective. People are noticing.

Here’s what Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch wrote about us: 

And Keith Olbermann

And from our local readers and subscribers:

“The Beacon has already become an indispensable source of news and commentary about the most important issues facing Bucks County today. As other outlets cut costs and coverage, the Beacon steps in to shine a light on right wing extremism where it lives, in our local school boards, businesses and county government.” – Chuck Clifton

“Without news coverage, it is impossible to have an informed electorate. Without local news coverage, we run the risk of knowing what is going on in our nation without understanding what is going on in our own neighborhoods.

The Beacon is not only covering local news that matters to me, but it adds important context. It also goes out of its way to make sure that more voices in our community are heard – voices that some other local papers are trying to silence.

I value the Beacon’s willingness to not only report what has happened, but to also report on why it matters and what it means to the people in my neighborhood.”Jeannine Celec

“I read the Bucks County Beacon because it reports the unmitigated truth on the news we need to know!” – Michelle Spence

We currently have dozens of contributors participating in this grassroots movement media project and we are adding more every day. Collectively, we are shining light on the backwards and reactionary politics, policies, and behavior that have turned Bucks County into a nationally recognized political circus. 

We are covering stories local corporate media either can’t, or won’t, report on. 

We’ve even successfully engaged our readership in media activism to push corporate media to do their jobs and report on right-wing extremism that they historically have ignored.

We are also offering progressive, common sense analysis and solutions to the problems we face locally and nationally.

Your support of the Beacon is an investment in a progressive future for Bucks County – a future where we as a community continue to make strides in achieving social, economic, and racial justice with an environmentally sustainable future.

Here’s what your financial support will help us do:

Expand our paid staff.

Offer competitive freelance rates.

Hire an election reporting fellow to focus on the PA01 Congressional race.

Expand our school board and local election coverage.

Pay our Op Ed contributors. 

Please support us today and help us reach our modest goal of 100 sustainers at $10/month. Here are some other options as well!

Support progressive, independent media.

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Cyril Mychalejko

Cyril Mychalejko is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bucks County Beacon. Read his columns on Sundays and follow him on Twitter.