The Signal (Episode 3): The Radical History of International Women’s Day and the Feminist Movement, with Liza Featherstone

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On this episode, I welcome Liza Featherstone to the show. Liza Featherstone (@lfeatherz) is an author, journalist, essayist and critic. She is a columnist at Jacobin and The New Republic, as well as a contributing writer at The Nation. I will be talking with Liza about the radical history of International Women’s Day and feminism.

Featherstone is the author of Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation, published by O/R Books in 2018, as well as Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers’ Rights at Wal-Mart (Basic Books, 2004). She co-authored Students Against Sweatshops (Verso, 2002) and is editor of False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton (Verso, 2016). She’s currently editing a collection of Alexandra Kollontai’s work for OR Books and International Publishers, and writing the introduction to that volume.

Featherstone’s work has been published in LuxTV GuideThe New York TimesThe Washington PostMs.The American Prospect, Columbia Journalism Review, GlamourTeen Vogue, Dissent, The Guardian, In These Times and many other publications. 

Featherstone teaches in NYU’s Literary Reportage program as well as at Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs. She is proud to be an active member of New York City Democratic Socialists of America and of UAW Local 7902.  

Host Cyril Mychalejko’s 5 Book Recommendations to Further Shine a Light on the Issue

  1. The Rising of the Women Feminist Solidarity and Class Conflict, 1880–1917, by Meredith Tax
  2. Feminist Solutions for Ending War, Edited by Megan MacKenzie and Nicole Wegner
  3. Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics, by bell hooks
  4. Feminist International: How to Change Everything, by Verónica Gago, translated by Liz Mason-Deese
  5. False Choices The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Liza Featherstone

The Signal is produced by Kevin Mahoney, Raging Chicken Media.

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Cyril Mychalejko

Cyril Mychalejko

Cyril Mychalejko is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bucks County Beacon. Read his columns on Sundays and follow him on Twitter.

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