The Signal (Episode 4): Sylvia Pankhurst – Suffragette Socialist and Scourge of Empire, with Dr. Kate Connelly

A radical history lesson for Women's History Month that offers feminists lessons for today.

On this episode, Cyril welcomes Dr. Kate Conelly to the show. Kate is a writer, historian and activist. She is a biographer of Sylvia Pankhurst, her book Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette Socialist and Scourge of Empire was published by Pluto Press in 2013. In 2019 she edited and introduced Pankhurst’s previously unpublished manuscript about her suffrage lecture tours in North America, now published under the title A Suffragette in America: Reflections on Prisoners, Pickets and Political Change

Kate is currently researching the links between labour movement activists in the USA and Pankhurst’s organization, the East London Federation of Suffragettes. Twenty years ago, Kate was one of the leaders of the school strikes against the war on Iraq. She has been a campaigner ever since. She is a member of the socialist organization, Counterfire, and contributes regularly to its website. Kate works as a lecturer at the London centers of several U.S.-based universities, including Aradia University near Philadelphia.”

Host Cyril Mychalejko’s 5 Book Recommendations to Further Shine a Light on the Issue

  1. Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette Socialist and Scourge of Empireby Katherine Connelly
  2. A Suffragette in America: Reflections on Prisoners, Pickets and Political Change, by Sylvia Pankhurst and edited by Katherine Connelly
  3. Rebel Crossings New Women, Free Lovers, and Radicals in Britain and the United States, by Sheila Rowbotham
  4. Red Valkyries: Feminist Lessons From Five Revolutionary Women, by Kristen Ghodsee
  5. Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto, by Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, and Nancy Fraser

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Cyril Mychalejko

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