In Philadelphia, Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs Shares Conference Space with Mom’s Group that Quotes Hitler

This doesn't seem like a good match.

Allan R. Kahan, International President of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC), says he’s not concerned about sharing meeting space with the Mom’s for Liberty group, which coincidentally convenes this week at the Marriott in downtown Philadelphia. “So long as everyone is peaceful and respectful to each other. And I would expect that.”

FJMC – a 95-year-old organization consisting of regional groups has been holding biannual conventions for decades. Kahan said that the Marriott Management notified his group a few months ago about who their neighbors would be. Kahan notified the group and respects the decisions of those who elected not to come this year.

It might be understandable that some members opted to stay away, although Kahan pointed out that it’s possible for people of any faith to embrace some of the aspects of various political organizations. FJMC has moved in the opposite direction.

Kahan leadership has taken the club outside its original roots. Embracing inclusivity – they’ve launched an LGBTQIA+ outreach, basically hoping to welcome people of the Jewish faith regardless of the other factors that make up their lives. “We are a federation of clubs and individuals. Some clubs embrace our guidelines, others may not.” 

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Last week an Indiana Moms for Liberty chapter published a newsletter that quoted Adolf Hitler. When asked if standing elbow to elbow with a group that venerated the words of the architect of World War II and the Holocaust. “It’s been what three, four, five decades since we’ve had people who lived through that time. Our young people may not be aware. They haven’t learned history.”

FJMC intends to make the best of the week, regardless of the rhetoric thrown around across the hall.

Kahan’s philosophy, “Life throws you curves, and the only question is, how you adjust.”

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