Planned Parenthood PA PAC Backs Jim Prokopiak in State House Special Election

The reproductive freedom advocacy group is counting on a Prokopiak victory to maintain a Democratic majority in Harrisburg’s lower chamber in order to safeguard abortion rights.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania announced Wednesday they are endorsing Democrat Jim Prokopiak for the special election in Bucks County’s House District 140 due to his pledged support for reproductive rights and abortion access.

“The House has been a legislative firewall against bans and a proactive champion of access to care. We can’t take any election, special or otherwise, for granted,” said Planned Parenthood PA PAC Political Director Adam Hosey. “If this firewall were to crumble, we know what would happen – bans would pass the legislature, restrictive constitutional amendments could make it to your ballot. Jim is the firewall reinforcement the House needs right now and we’re proud to support him.”

This election will determine whether the Democratic Party maintains control of the House in Harrisburg. Democrat John Galloway, the former District 140 state representative, resigned after being elected magisterial district judge for Falls Township. A special election to determine his replacement will be held on February 13.

Prokopiak, an attorney, is a former Falls Township Supervisor and is currently a Pennsbury School Board member. He secured the Bucks County Democratic Committee’s endorsement on Dec. 27.

State Senate Republicans previously introduced Senate Bill 106, which would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to explicitly deny women the right to an abortion. They maintain control of the upper chamber. Republican controlled legislatures across the country are tirelessly working to restrict, or ban, abortions. 

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“The chamber has a pro-sexual and reproductive health care majority, and we must protect it,” Planned Parenthood’s Hosey added. 

Prokopiak will face Republican Candace Cabanas. The 140th District includes Bristol, parts of Bristol Township, Falls Township, parts of Middletown Township, parts of Morrisville, and Tullytown.

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