Letters: Why I Support Eugene DePasquale for Pennsylvania Attorney General; What Happened to the Republican Party?

Bucks County Beacon readers sound off.

Why I Support Eugene DePasquale for Pennsylvania Attorney General

As a resident of Bucks County, I am compelled to voice my enthusiastic support for Eugene DePasquale as the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General. I support Eugene because of his unwavering dedication to holding wrongdoers accountable. He champions justice for all Pennsylvanians. Eugene’s record of challenging powerful organizations validates his commitment to serving the best interests of our state.

During his two-terms as Pennsylvania’s auditor general, Eugene fought to protect our environment, consumers, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, student borrowers and the LGBTQA+ community. He reduced PA’s backlog of untested rape kits, fixed the child abuse hotline, and recovered $2 billion in fraud. His track record of leadership, integrity, and bipartisan cooperation sets him apart as a candidate who can effectively lead the Attorney General’s Office and ensure justice for all Pennsylvanians.

Eugene was the Economic Development Director for the City of York and then a three-term State House Representative before serving two terms as the PA State Auditor General. He brings unparalleled experience to the office of attorney general.

The Philadelphia Inquirer endorsement notes that as auditor general, Eugene “demonstrated independence and fairness – two important attributes” for the office and that he “is the best choice for attorney general in the Democratic primary”. In addition to the Inquirer’s endorsement, Eugene is endorsed by several Pennsylvania County Democratic Organizations, trade unions, United Rural Democrats, Ricky’s Pride Political Action Committee and the Stonewall Democrats, demonstrating the depth of his support and commitment to advancing equality and justice for all.

I urge my fellow Bucks County residents to join me and support Eugene DePasquale for Pennsylvania Attorney General in the upcoming Primary Election. Together, let’s ensure that our state’s highest legal office is entrusted to a candidate who will fight tirelessly for the rights and well-being of all Pennsylvanians.

Renée Donahey, Lower Makefield Twp

What Happened to the Republican Party?

I am bewildered. What has happened to the Republican Party? I grew up during a time when the GOP was headed by the likes of Everett Dirksen and Edward Brooke, moderate Republicans willing to compromise in the interests of good governance. Although the GOP turned hard to the right decades ago, under Reagan and Gingrich, the present party has lost any interest in governing for the benefit of all citizens; instead, it feeds on its lust for power and profit. Not only has it been taken over by billionaire money, but, even worse, it has become the personal weapon of a wannabe dictator, Donald Trump.

If elected, Trump plans to fire civil servants who do not swear loyalty to him; he threatens to jail his political opponents; he plans mass deportations and to establish detention camps for undocumented immigrants; he will politicize the military; and he wants to reduce the tax rate for the wealthy and for corporations.

It’s hard to believe that so many people cannot–or simply do not–see beyond Trump’s angry rhetoric to perceive what a threat to our republic he is. Regardless of your opinion about President Biden–I think his administration is the most progressive since FDR–a vote for Trump or a third party candidate is a vote to dismantle American democracy.   

Roy Zipris, Doylestown

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