Sonali Kolhatkar, Independent Media Institute


Republicans Want to Defund Our Libraries

“Defund the Library” succinctly encompasses the GOP’s free-market agenda to destroy public funding of institutions that enlighten and educate, all under the disingenuous banner of “protecting children.”


It’s Time for Supreme Court Term Limits

The mounting scandals surrounding Clarence Thomas show the danger of lifetime appointments without ethical standards.


Why Student Debt Cancellation Is Reasonable, Not Radical

The right has narrowed the parameters of discussion on student debt forgiveness, and President Biden is not fighting back aggressively enough. We should, in fact, center the idea of fairness in this debate.


Behold, the New GOP Culture Wars

The Republican Party’s message is that those who are not either straight, white, cisgender men, or in service of white supremacist patriarchy, had better fall in line or face prohibition and the threats of violence.


Taking a Hard Look at Police Killings

Police killed more people last year than any other on record. Can reimagining city budgets make our communities safer?

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