Sonali Kolhatkar, Independent Media Institute


Making Sense of Florida’s Nonsensical History Curriculum

‘Slavery wasn’t so bad; white men are the real victims’: these are the messages that appear to stem from the right-wing war on history. It’s part of a bigger picture rooted in the politics of fear.


Five Critical Lessons From UPS’s Union Workers

The UPS Teamsters’ negotiations with the world’s largest delivery company offer the American labor movement lessons in organizing. One in particular: Labor militancy works.


Burn the Barbies, Pause the Pink

The highly anticipated live-action film starring Margot Robbie is an attempt to redeem the problematic toy. But it’s really just an expensive ad campaign for an outdated doll.


How to Solve Homelessness in the United States

Our economic priorities have created a serious housing crisis and fueled homelessness. Solving the problem simply requires us to change our priorities from profits to people.


Republicans Want to Defund Our Libraries

“Defund the Library” succinctly encompasses the GOP’s free-market agenda to destroy public funding of institutions that enlighten and educate, all under the disingenuous banner of “protecting children.”


It’s Time for Supreme Court Term Limits

The mounting scandals surrounding Clarence Thomas show the danger of lifetime appointments without ethical standards.

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Excerpt: ‘American Roulette’

This “day in the life novel” is about eight ordinary people careening toward a uniquely American disaster. The authors are donating 100 percent of the book royalties to stop gun violence.

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