Steve Cickay


Senator Bob Casey: An American Everyman

He actually champions the needs of ordinary American people: women’s reproductive freedom, the strength of our democracy, the prosperity of workers, lowering the cost of consumer goods, and preventing child poverty.


OPINION: GOP Incompetence or Complicity?

Any way you look at it, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is part of the problem of the Republican Party’s growing, and unchecked, extremism.


Keeping Bucks County Green: Shutting Down Rockhill Quarry

The economic benefit of continued mining at the Rockhill Quarry is not worth the risk to the health of the residents, students, and any community that would receive the stone from the quarry, not to mention the damage to the local environment.


The Value of a Good Public Education for All

Unfortunately, there is a national, well-funded right-wing movement underfoot that believes it can inflame people’s fears and prejudices to hijack and undermine public education in a desperate attempt to seize political power.

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