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Multifaceted Pride: Protest Through Celebration

We celebrate existing through another year, we rally together to demand acceptance and change, and we unify as fellow humans who deserve to be loved no matter your personal labels or nationality. 

lgbtq pride

LGBTQ Pride and Prejudice in Bucks County

“Pride Month has always been about struggle and resistance, in addition to celebration and parades … we must continue to fight for the rights of all LGBTQ+ folks,” says Marlene Pray.

out d'coup with kierstyn zolfo

Ripping the ‘Moderate’ Mask Off of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

Bucks County Beacon columnist Kierstyn Zolfo and Raging Chicken Press Editor Kevin Mahoney dig into Fitzpatrick’s “anti-abortion record, his election integrity gaslighting, his use of alternative facts,” and more!

howard zinn

Howard Zinn: Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day?

Memorial Day should be a day for putting flowers on graves and planting trees. Also, for destroying the weapons of death that endanger us more than they protect us, that waste our resources and threaten our children and grandchildren.

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