Fitz Roundup: Fitzpatrick Officially Loses His Narrative

State Representative Brian Fitzpatrick
State Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, bucks county pa, elected official, legislator

The biggest news in today’s biweekly roundup on all things Fitzpatrick is that none of it so much revolves around Fitz, as it does his notable absence — physically, ideologically, politically, maybe even spiritually. Because what all of it has in common is that it’s all about envisioning a Fitz-less world. A Bucks post-Fitz, if you will. This is the moment where, for the first time, it is feeling like Fitzpatrick has lost control of his own narrative. Everything we’ve read for this week’s roundup had the exhausted tone of writers and people and parties who have simply had enough of this man. 

Two new candidates came into the round to take his seat seat last week, and both — neither having had to do the unfortunate current GOP two-step that Fitz sucks at even more than the dance itself sucks — have more of Fitz’s only purportedly attractive trait: “Reasonability.” 

First, there’s Army veteran pilot Ashley Ehasz, a Bensalem Dem who handily ticks off Fitz’s deep state credentials and then some being from a more respected service troop. All while being really clear that Fitz needs to go, based on even just his coddling of the January 6ers. 

Then, late last week, Paul Fermo, a naval aviator from Yardley, likewise stepped in to the Democratic primary, running on health care and small business advocacy.

Fitz’s response has been to keep on Fitzin’. Like a stopped clock, Fitz was one of just 9 House Republicans to vote in favor of holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. As if to anti-cleanse himself, however, he also signed a letter that wanted to frame Anthony Fauci as a puppy murderer, because life’s full of choices, folks. And Fitzy kinda likes ‘em all!

And then there’s this editorial from the Courier-Times that keeps ricocheting in our heads: 

Guest Opinion: Fitzpatrick focuses on Medicare, but I can’t get past Jan 6.

Because this is the thing that people keep going back to – and now, the thing that folks are going to be running against him.. As more and more ties become revealed, even Fitzpatrick’s essentially passive assent to the insurrection is emerging as his Waterloo. It’s where he’s going to get hammered the most, and even in a career that one would charitably characterize as “harsh milquetoast,” it’s where he’s going to deserve it the most. 

And it’s only the beginning. 

Joey Sweeney

Joey Sweeney

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