This Weekend: Pump(kin) Up The Jam


It’s officially sanctioned spying on your neighbors! The Lower Bucks Drive-Thru Halloween House Tour is upon us once again!

Frankly, we are typing the following words just for the sheer enjoyment of them: Do check out the Golden Girls Murder Mystery Halloween Caper at the Cock n’ Bull in Peddler’s Village


There’s an all-day Fall Festival at Vino by Zzino in Quakertown.

Or, a lantern ghost tour in Newtown.

And do drop by New Hope Winery for Chris Pinnella + The Billy Joel Songbook: Greatest Hits & B-Sides.


Finally, this being Decorative Gourd Season and all, there’s BYOP Macrame Pumpkin Decor Workshop at Moss Mill Brewing in Lower Southampton Township.

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Joey Sweeney

Joey Sweeney

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