Fitzpatrick Again Tows the Party Line

As soon as he was needed for a pure, party-line vote, our own Congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa-R), showed he knew how to be a real Republican. Party leader Kevin McCarthy laid it down in a rambling eight-plus-hour speech on Thursday. He claimed people didn’t elect Joe Biden to be FDR, that Americans didn’t want lower drug costs nor did they want lower health care costs.

McCarthy railed against universal pre-K as if it were a dastardly plot against America.

Those words energized his fellow Republicans, Fitzpatrick included, who voted against the Build Back Better Act. Nonetheless, it passed, 220 to 213 without them and will go on to the Senate.

The House approved the legislation by a near party-line 220-213 vote, sending the measure to a Senate whose strict rules seem certain to force significant changes.

Source: Democrats’ sweeping social, climate bill passes divided House

Linda Lee

Linda Lee

A former editor and reporter at The New York Times, Linda Lee has written seven books, and started a magazine about real estate and design in Miami. While her interest lies in Bucks County, her family lives near Harrisburg. She has a Shih Tzu named Yolo.

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