Criticism is Primarily Coming from Republican Brian Fitzpatrick

The hypocrisy of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is something to behold. While he refused to impeach Trump for his 2019 attempt to coerce Zelensky, he now blames Biden for not properly supporting Ukraine.
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Relentless criticism of President Joe Biden and his administration is coming from Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick who, of course, refused to vote  to remove former President Trump when he withheld support for Ukraine in 2019. Recall that Trump was impeached for attempting to get Ukrainian President Zelensky to attack Biden in exchange for a congressionally mandated $400 million military aid package. Now, Fitzpatrick is saying that Biden is not defending Ukraine powerfully enough.

Fitzpatrick, on Republican-biased “Fox and Friends” and also Newsmax now insists that the U.S. move unilaterally against Russia. In 2019, when the former “Guy” insisted that Ukraine was at fault for all sorts of things, and that Russia and his beloved Putin were innocent, Fitzpatrick voted to support President Trump. Maybe Fitzpatrick feared the wrath of the former “Guy.”  At the time, the Republican wind was definitely blowing strongly in the “don’t get caught on the wrong side of Trump” direction. That is probably why Fitzpatrick then chose not to support democratic Ukraine, and instead chose to support the Russian autocracy.

Currently, with a few exceptions, the Republican wind has changed directions regarding Ukraine, and with it so has Fitzpatrick.

Talking about Putin, Fitzpatrick on “Fox & Friends”  recently argued “you can’t reason with crazy” as he explained the importance of unleashing American energy to reduce the global alliance on Russian oil.  What happened to Fitzpatrick’s 2019 support of the Putin-Trump bromance?

Again forgetting his own hypocrisy and eagerly jumping into the attack Biden camp, Fitzpatrick said . . .

“It was a result of a lot of bad decisions, starting with Afghanistan and second with energy decisions here domestically. All of those can be remedied. It’s never too late.” 

 Fitzpatrick claims one way to help is to stop importing Russian oil and to reopen the Keystone XL pipeline.  Biden has recently stopped the import of Russian oil, but Fitzpatrick is now insisting that the environmentally unfriendly Keystone XL pipeline be finished and reopened. 

 The pipeline was designed to transport the planet’s dirtiest fossil fuel, tar sands oil, to market—and fast. Biden shut down the pipeline construction when he took office.  Fitzpatrick can’t support the pipeline and also claim, as he insists, that he’s a strong supporter of the environment. It depends on who Fitzpatrick’s audience is. If it’s Bucks County environmentalists, he is a “strong” supporter of the environment. If he’s talking to the Newsmax audience, he could care less about the environment.

Fitzpatrick certainly has learned lessons from the former “Guy”, which is to lie to his various audiences.

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Martin Churchill

Martin Churchill

Concerned resident from Bucks County, PA

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