State Senator Santarsiero helps boost Bucks County’s biotech industry

“These projects will help our region continue to grow as a leader in biotechnology and scientific research,” said the Democratic lawmaker.
pa biotech center
The Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center located in Bucks County.

Pennsylvania State Senator Steve Santarsiero announced that he secured approximately $1.9 million in state funds to be invested in two Bucks County biotech companies, New Britain Township’s Thrombolex Inc. and the Buckingham-based Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center.

“The continued growth and development of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center is attracting new and established companies to our region, putting people to work and helping build Bucks County as a biotech corridor,” Democrat Santarsiero told local news.

In 2021, the Buckingham-based biotech center was given $157 million from the same investment plan, the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

Santarsiero (D-10) also supported a grant of $750,000 to FlowMetric through the Keystone Communities Program Grant for vaccine efficacy testing.

“When I talk time and again about the potential we have in Bucks County to create a biotechnology corridor, I am talking about companies like Thrombolex who are on the cutting edge of discovery and development with a medical device to help save the lives of individuals with blood clots,” Santarsiero said of Thrombolex’s contributions in the medical field. 

Jocelyn B. Pappas

Jocelyn B. Pappas

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