State Sen. Steve Santarsiero wants to head Bucks County Democratic Party

"I will propose an ambitious new program to strengthen our committees and campaigns at every level," he said.
steve santarsiero

State Senator Steve Santarsiero announced he’ll seek the Bucks County Democratic Committee chair position, as longtime chairman John F. Cordisco announced his retirement from the leadership role.

“There is much that must be done. An unprecedented public health crisis, war abroad and higher prices at home have produced unease about the future,” said Santarsiero.

He also mentioned the “unwelcome” news that Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned in the coming weeks as something Democrats need to prepare for and respond to.

“In such an environment, every election cycle truly is more important than the last,” Santarsiero added. “The Bucks County Democratic Committee must rise to meet the challenge of the times in which we find ourselves.” 

He is proposing a reorganization of the BCDC that will better promote and strengthen collaboration. But robust fundraising will also be front-and-center to strengthen party infrastructure and support candidates. 

“Long before I ever ran for office, I was a volunteer, a committee person, and an assembly district chair. I have been and remain committed to helping get Democrats elected, because I continue to believe that the Democratic Party offers the best hope for the future of our state and our country,” said Santarsiero.

Jocelyn B. Pappas

Jocelyn B. Pappas

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