DJOP Calls Out Mastriano for Trying to Walk Back Extremist Anti-Abortion Stance

The Republican candidate for governor “ought to stop treating voters as though they are fools.”
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Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) called out Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano Monday for trying to muddle his stance on abortion with voters.

“Doug Mastriano ought to stop treating voters as though they are fools,” said DJOP Chair Jill Zipin.

Mastriano, who has governed and campaigned according to his hard-line, no exceptions anti-abortion platform, now says “it’s up to the people.” The recently passed Senate Bill 106 for voters to change the Constitution to ban abortion provides semantic cover for Mastriano’s new campaign rhetoric. SB106, appearing more like a GOP wish list than a piece of legislation, was drafted to change the state’s constitution via public referendum, and seeks to ban abortion, drastically change voting and voter I.D., impact the role of the Commonwealth’s lieutenant governor, and more. In reality, however,  if the vote goes ahead it would be during next year’s May, off-year primary election and would likely garner, at best, around 25 percent voter turnout – something planned by design.

Governor Tom Wolf filed a lawsuit Thursday in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court to contest the content of SB106 for, in part, for reading like a laundry list. The bill failed to secure votes for each of the distinctly different components within the bill by elected members in both the house and senate.

Will Mastriano spin his abortion position yet again should the lawsuit prove successful?

“First he was against any exceptions. Now he says it’s up to the people. Which is it, Doug? Will the real Doug Mastriano please stand up and face the voters and the mainstream media – not just his friends in the right-wing media – and tell us where he stands?” said DJOP in a statement. 

We know the real Mastriano, and he’s the candidate who opposes any access to abortion, including if a pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, or will cause the mother to die.   

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