Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Is Afraid of Town Halls

The Congressman is asking for your vote, but consistently avoids being held accountable for his own votes by dodging meetings with his constituents.

The 99% Pennsylvania will be hosting a town hall at the Northampton Public Library Thursday at 6:30PM to welcome constituents of Pennsylvania’s First District and their elected member of Congress, Republican Representative Brian Fitzpatrick.

“We invited him,” said Ali Feldman, Federal Organizing Associate for The 99% Pennsylvania, a campaign associated with The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. “I sent a follow-up email the other day.” 

Fitzpatrick has not responded.

For all intents and purposes, the congressman seems more determined than ever to maintain his record of never hosting a town hall and for consistently prioritizing corporations over constituents.

“The fact that he voted against the Inflation Reduction Act … he’s clearly not supporting his constituents, no matter what,” Feldman added.

At a time when the country’s two major political parties have never appeared more divided, it’s relatively safe to say that Fitzpatrick will avoid any situation requiring him to provide spontaneous answers to questions posed by voters.

Thursday’s town hall will feature an assortment of speakers including Kim Barbaro, PA Deputy Director of Red, Wine & Blue, Robin Stelly, Organizer for PA Health Access Network, and Dan O’Brien, Education Coordinator for Bucks County of Children First

Fitzpatrick has consistently voted against the needs of his constituents for years, especially during and immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic. His voting record highlights a politician aligned with wealthy corporations and special interests that is completely out of step with the hard working people and the community he was elected to represent.

Most recently, Fitzpatrick voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. This newly passed legislation will benefit everyone in the community by reducing the cost of prescription drugs, investing in sustainable energy, containing the cost of health insurance, capping the price of insulin for seniors, creating jobs, lowering energy costs and much more.  

Can anyone count on the Congressman? Absolutely. Both the increasingly extremist GOP and large corporate donors have benefited tremendously during his three terms in office. 

Fitzpatrick’s failure to advocate for the needs of his constituents is outweighed only by his recently introduced legislation that would dismantle democracy as we know it. 

Here’s your chance to voice questions and concerns that you have about your elected representative’s conduct and his lack of courage to face voters. 

Whether he will be there to listen is another story.

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Jenny Stephens

Jenny Stephens is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications, including The Reporter. An avid collector of all things vintage, she resides in the Philadelphia area.

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