Former GOP Congressman Greenwood Endorses Democrat Gwen Stoltz for Pennsylvania’s 143rd House District

(L-R) Former GOP US Congressman Jim Greenwood, Democratic candidate for PA State House 143rd Gwen Stoltz, Democratic PA gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

“These are extraordinary times where our rights are on the ballot,” said former Bucks County Republican Congressman Jim Greenwood about his endorsement of Gwen Stoltz.

Indeed, especially for women. 

Stoltz is the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 143rd House District, which includes Plumstead, Bedminster, Tinicum, and Hilltown Townships; Dublin, Silverdale, Perkasie, Sellersville Boroughs parts of New Britain Township.

Greenwood, whose 24-year political career spanned state representative, state senator and ultimately U.S. Congressman representing what is now Pennsylvania’s First District, cites two major reasons for his endorsement of Stoltz: a woman’s right to choose and gun safety laws.

“As an elected official, I never wavered in support of women to make their own health decisions and have always been in favor of common sense gun safety measures,” Greenwood said. “When I was in elected office, I could not imagine that we would be in the position that we are in today where we must fight for our rights again.”

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Stoltz, who was raised and educated in Bucks County, chose to remain in the region to work and raise her family. She has personally experienced the economic, educational, and environmental challenges residents face and is determined to provide common sense legislation and representation if elected to office.

“Gwen understands what makes Bucks unique. She’s from Bucks, for Bucks. She and her husband grew up here, and she graduated from Central Bucks schools. Now, she’s raising her three children here. Gwen’s extended family all calls Bucks County home,” said Greenwood.

More and more Republicans have endorsed Democrats in this year’s midterm election due to the GOP embracing extremism and placing the country’s democracy at risk.

“Stoltz will defend our rights and reproductive freedoms so that women can make their own decisions and have autonomy over their bodies. She will be a voice of reason for common sense gun safety legislation needed to keep our communities safe,” Greenwood added.

Her opponent, Shelby Labs, who has served one term in Pennsylvania’s state house, voted for House Bill 1095 which Planned Parenthood perceives as a future threat for a woman’s right to choose.

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