Moore v. Harper: ‘What’s at Stake in This Case Is Nothing Short of Free and Fair Elections’

Bucks County Beacon columnist Garen Meguerian talks with the Raging Chicken Media podcast about how this SCOTUS case could dismantle democracy.

Raging Chicken Media’s Kevin Mahoney welcomes Bucks County Beacon columnist Garen Meguerian back to the show. They dig into Moore v. Harper, the Supreme Court case that could upend American democracy as we know it. In the Bucks County Beacon, Meguerian warned that the fringe constitutional argument at the heart of this case known as the independent state legislature theory paves the way for single-party rule and disenfranchisement of voters. Meguerian is an experienced litigator and trial lawyer licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey. He has represented clients in both state and federal courts. He is AV peer review rated from Martindale-Hubbell reflecting achievement at the height of professional excellence and integrity. Meguerian received his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1995, where he served as an Associate Editor of the American Criminal Law Review. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Honors Philosophy from Villanova University in 1992, where he was awarded the University’s Valedictory Medallion. Meguerian is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association, and the Chester County Bar Association.

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