Constituents To Gather at Congressman Fitzpatrick’s Langhorne Office On Saint Patrick’s Day To Voice Grievances

Voters are tired of being ignored by the lawmaker who holds no in-person town halls.

Members of the Indivisible coalition, along with residents of Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s PA01 district, will gather outside his office located at One Summit Square in Langhorne on Friday from 5-6 p.m. to send handwritten constituent contact forms to the lawmaker due to his lack of representation.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick doesn’t hold in-person town halls, and he doesn’t hold events where his constituents can voice their concerns to him directly,” said Indivisible Bucks County leadership team member Laura Rose. “The way Congressman Fitzpatrick avoids his constituents shows why he was named to the UNrepresentative lawmaker list, and why we have to hold events such as these to bring our concerns to his attention.”

The rally coincides with the announcement of Fitzpatrick being recognized as one of the “Unrepresentative 18,” a list compiled by Indivisible that identifies elected members of Congress who have failed to work on behalf of constituents while enabling far-right MAGA members to push their extremist agenda.

“In the ten weeks since he was sworn in Brian Fitzpatrick has been a reliable vote for the MAGA-Republican agenda under Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s leadership,” said Kierstyn Zolfo of Indivisible Bucks County’s leadership team (who also writes columns for the Bucks County Beacon). “He may seek to distance himself from the extremists in his own party – like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz – but he votes alongside them and uses his vote to back their goals. This is not the kind of representation that Bucks County voted for,” Zolfo added.

The Indivisible list also indicates these specific GOP congressional seats to be key in flipping the House back to Democratic control in the 2024 election and describes the 18 lawmakers as being the “The Achilles Heel of the MAGA Majority.”

“Right now, the Unrepresentatives are flying under the radar intentionally to avoid being associated with MAGA’s dangerous vision for America and the worst actors of their own party,” said Zoe Langdon, speaking on behalf of the leadership of Indivisible Lambertville New Hope. “But the truth is, Congressman Fitzpatrick is enabling them every single day.”

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