How Bucks County’s PA House Lawmakers Voted on Three Gun Safety Bills

With the exception of a few dissident votes, local Republicans largely opposed common sense gun control reforms.
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Pennsylvania House Democrats passed two of three gun control bills that were put up for a vote Monday. 

HB 714, which mandates background checks for the sale of long guns and closes a gun show loophole that allows private gun purchases without a background check, passed on a 109-92 vote

Bucks County GOP Representatives Joe Hogan (R-142), Kristen Marcell (R-178) and Kathleen Tomlinson (R-18) broke with their party and voted with local Democrats for the bill.

HB 1018, frequently referred to as a red flag law, passed 102-99. The bill would allow courts to issue an emergency order so law enforcement may seize weapons from an individual determined to be in crisis. Bucks County GOP Representatives Joe Hogan (R-142) and Kathleen Tomlinson (R-18) voted with Democrats for the bill.

With a 100-101 vote, HB 338 failed. The legislation would have mandated the reporting of lost or stolen guns and help deter the illegal sale of firearms via straw purchases.

All Bucks County Republican Representatives voted against HB 338. House Rep.Frank Burns (D-72) voted against all three bills.

A fourth bill, HB 731, known as the Safe Storage Bill, was not brought to the floor for a vote. The proposed law would require gun owners to secure or disable firearms when not in use and would require gun locks on long guns.

Bucks County VotesHB 1018HB 714HB 338
Tim BrennanYYY
Tina DavisYYY
John GallowayYYY
Brian MunroeYYY
Perry WarrenYYY
Joe HoganYYN
Shelby LabsNNN
Kristen MarcellNYN
Craig StaatsNNN
Kathleen TomlinsonYYN

* Correction: An earlier version of the article stated “All Bucks County Republican Representatives voted against HB 1018.” That has been corrected. 

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