Marking One Year Since The Fall of Roe, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona Democrats Announce Joint Effort to Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose

Progressive Democrats are working to organize and fight to maintain state house majorities to safeguard reproductive health care.

Lawmakers from Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona held a press call on Thursday to acknowledge the one-year anniversary of the overturning of Roe and to announce a partnership to elect Democrats to state legislatures.

Representative Leanne Krueger, Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus Administrator, outlined how Democrats were able to elect a one seat majority in 2022 and have had to defend that majority in four special elections.

“Our voters here in Pennsylvania know that majorities matter. So, as we look to 2024, we know that protecting and expanding our Democratic majority here in the state house is the only way to protect access to reproductive health care here in Pennsylvania,” Krueger said. “We’re committed to fighting as hard as we need to to make sure that people’s rights are not rolled back here in  Pennsylvania.” 

Krueger was joined by Arizona Senate Minority Whip Eva Burch and Virginia State Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mamie Locke

Democrats in all three states hold very slim majorities in at least one chamber.

“Democrats in the General Assembly are the only people standing between Virginians and an abortion ban similar to the ones we’ve seen across the country,” said Senator Locke.

“That’s why we’re excited to partner with our colleagues in Arizona and Pennsylvania – where abortion rights are also on the line in upcoming elections,” Locke added, emphasizing the need to build momentum for Democratic wins at the state level to protect access to reproductive health care for millions of people.

“There hasn’t really been a more critical time for families across the country and I know that in Arizona, we are closer than ever to restoring that right to choose,” said Senator Burch.

In Arizona, both chambers of the state’s legislature hold a one-seat Democratic majority.

The last Pennsylvania special election to claim the majority was in May when Democrat Heather Boyd successfully won the open seat.

Boyd’s election spared voters across the state an assortment of referendum questions Republicans had hoped to place on the upcoming November ballot including to ban abortion.

Pennsylvania’s Governor Josh Shapiro has strongly voiced his support to protect reproductive rights in Pennsylvania and since elected has launched a website that outlines the state’s abortion services.

The Republican’s plan, should they manage to reclaim the majority in the state house, is to circumvent Shapiro’s veto power by way of ballot referendum questions to amend the state’s constitution.

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