State Senator Maria Collett Celebrates PA House Passage of Patient Safety Act

The lawmaker attributes the bill’s success to new leadership in the state House along with the tireless efforts of nurses and health care advocates who helped promote it.
State Senator Collett celebrates the news during a rally at the Capitol in Harrisburg.

“The health and safety of the people of Pennsylvania matters,” said Senator Maria Collette (D-12) about the Patient Safety Act, which cleared the House with a 119-84 vote on Wednesday.

HB 106 is the companion to SB 247 for which Collett is the primary sponsor.

Both pieces of legislation serve to create specific nurse-to-patient staffing complements across all levels of care in Pennsylvania hospitals to produce safer working conditions and enhanced patient outcomes.  

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Collett, a nurse with experience at the bedside in Level 1 trauma care, pediatric home health, long term, and infection control has led the charge to remedy these hospital care concerns since first elected in 2018.

“Leadership matters, majorities matter,” said Collett at a rally celebrating the bill’s passage that was attended by fellow legislators, nurses and advocates from across the state. “This new House majority continues to advance bipartisan bills to help the people of this great commonwealth.”

Collett commended the many nurses and advocates who called, emailed and rallied to build support for the bill’s passage. “Today we are seeing how that hard work is paying off,” she said.

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HB 106 now heads to the Senate where prior attempts to pass the legislation have failed despite 21 co-sponsors for the proposed law. Supporters were encouraged to reach out to their senators to encourage them to sign on to the Patient Safety Act.

All House Democrats, with the exception of Arvind Venkat (D-30), voted for the legislation along with Bucks County Republicans Shelby Labs (R-143), Kristin Marcell (R-178), Joe Hogan (R-142), and Kathleen Tomlinson (R-18).

Craig Staats (R-145) voted in dissent.

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