John Waldenberger To Face Off Against Right-Wing Extremist Robert Jacobus for Telford Council Seat

Working with other council members and against a campaign to defund the library are two key pillars of Waldenberger’s campaign.

The window to contest signature petitions for independent and minor party candidates closed Thursday. No challenges were filed against John Waldenberger, a Keystone Party of Pennsylvania nominee, who is running for a two-year seat on Telford’s Borough Council.

Waldenberger, a well-established resident of the Borough, has pledged to stop authoritarian attempts to withhold funding for the Indian Valley Public Library and focus attention on important issues of municipal government, including public works, streets, and emergency services.

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“We must elect people who want to do the business of the Borough, not disrupt it,” Waldenberger said referring to the GOP incumbent Robert Jacobus who mocks the Republican party on his campaign website.

Appointed to the council in 2022, Jacobus has repeatedly disrupted multiple meetings to insist upon suspending financial support for the library in an attempt to force the removal of LGBTQ+ literature.

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“Anytime we start on a slippery slope there is no telling what will be next or how far it will go,” Waldenberger said. “What could be next at the local level? It’s hard to say without speculating. Interfering with employees’ private lives, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities (LGBTQ) owned/friendly businesses?

The Keystone Party of Pennsylvania was established in April 2022 with the goal to narrow the gap between the state’s two primary parties and to address common ground concerns of Pennsylvanians including governmental, social and criminal justice reforms, fair elections, individual liberties and taxation.

Reflecting his ability to work with others, Waldenberger has endorsed two Democratic candidates running for council seats, Katherine Farina and Meredith Torres.

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Jenny Stephens

Jenny Stephens

Jenny Stephens is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications, including The Reporter. An avid collector of all things vintage, she resides in the Philadelphia area.

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