Bucks County Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Votes To Elevate Extremist Republican Jim Jordan To House Speaker, Twice

In a 393 word statement on his Speaker Vote, Fitzpatrick didn’t even have the courage to inform his constituents who he voted for, not mentioning Jordan’s name once, let alone explain why he voted for the MAGA Ohio congressman. 
Rep. Jim Jordan and his supporter PA01 Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.

For a second time, Bucks County’s self-proclaimed moderate Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick voted Tuesday to elevate Jim Jordan, the MAGA, election denying Republican from Ohio who supports a national abortion ban, to Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“After years of paying lip service to bipartisanship, Fitzpatrick doubled down on his drive to the right wing of the Republican Party by voting for Trump’s hand-picked Speaker,” said Ashley Ehasz, the Democratic contender for Fitzpatrick’s PA01 congressional seat. ”What else would we expect from a representative who claims to represent us, but then votes with MAGA to ban abortions, restrict our freedom to vote, and take books out of our schools?”

Internet criticisms about Fitzpatrick’s vote for Jordan on Tuesday, barely a day old, remain fresh and abundant.

“Why does Brian Fitzpatrick lack the political courage to vote against an election-denying anti-choice extremist, while other members of the GOP are standing on the right side of justice,” Ehasz added.

In a 393 word statement on the Speaker Vote issued by the Congressman, Fitzpatrick didn’t even have the courage to inform his constituents who he voted for, not mentioning Jordan’s name once, let alone why he voted for the far-right Ohio congressman. 

“Brian Fitzpatrick makes frequent claims about his moderate stance and his bipartisanship credentials,” wrote Indivisible Bucks County in a news release that pointed out the congressman’s support for a national abortion ban, school book bans and the GOP’s “sham committee to amplify conspiracy theories and discredited witnesses.”

Jordan, the founding member of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, is alleged to have first-hand knowledge of events surrounding the January 6 insurrection and defied a Jan. 6 Committee subpoena for testimony and documents. An outspoken support of Donald Trump, Jordan has also refused to acknowledge that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

“Over a dozen other Republicans had the courage to vote against Representative Jordan for Speaker, and Fitzpatrick chose to vote for Donald Trump’s choice instead of joining his more principled colleagues,” said Kierstyn Zolfo of Indivisible Bucks County.

Reactions on Twitter (X) to Fitzpatrick’s Support for Jim Jordan:


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