You Can Help Preserve Open Space In Bucks County For Future Generations

The Bucks County Planning Commission is seeking public input to help guide the design of land use policies and programs through 2040.
Photo courtesy of Tinicum Conservancy.

The disappearance of farmed and wooded tracts of land throughout Bucks County has made the appearance of deer, foxes and even a bear or two commonplace in residential neighborhoods.

More than just the destruction of wildlife habitats, the development of open space radically changes the ecosystem and also serves to escalate climate change and other environmental stresses.

If you’ve ever wished that you had a say in what happens to the remaining open space in the county, here’s your opportunity.

The Bucks County Planning Commission is seeking public input in drafting the Bucks 2040 Vision Plan and Conservation Voters of PA is hoping you’ll participate.

“The Vision Plan is a great starting point for thinking about the future of our community, but there is still room for improvement,” wrote CVPA Bucks County Field Organizer Lauren Henasey in an email.

Conservation Voters of PA believes it is crucial to encourage the Commission to commit to preserving at least 25 percent of natural space within the county and to give priority to ensuring fair access to these protected areas prior to their scheduled December 20 vote.

“Currently, the plan does not include a set goal for future land preservation and the Land Use Vision Map has almost no natural or preserved land in Lower Bucks,” Henasey added.

To share your thoughts about the need to safeguard open space with the Bucks County Planning Commission, Conservation Voters of PA has created an easy access form to complete and submit to the Commission. Emails may also be forwarded to  Bucks2040(at)

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