Cameron Schroy Seeks Democratic Nomination to Unseat 2020 Election Denier Doug Mastriano in PA Senate District 33

This will be a tall order for whomever is nominated, as Mastriano won his last election by 37 percent.
Democrat Cameron Schroy.

Franklin County’s Cameron Schroy announced Monday his campaign to seek the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania’s 33rd Senatorial District ahead of the April 23 primary election.

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for state senate,” said Schroy. “I am from here, I love it here, and I want to make sure we are represented in Harrisburg the way we deserve.

The district includes all of Franklin and Adams Counties and is currently represented by Republican Doug Mastriano, a 2020 election denier, who ran a failed campaign for the governor’s seat in 2022. The incumbent introduced legislation in 2023 to alter parts of Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail law following the 2020 election, even though he had previously voted in favor of an expanded version of vote-by-mail in 2019.

Mastriano was photographed at the January 6 insurrection and, according to news releases, paid thousands of dollars to bus Pennsylvanians to the Capitol to “Stop the Steal.”Run largely on MAGA extremism, Mastriano’s gubernatorial campaign frequently featured known evangelical Christian nationalists as guest speakers, with various militia groups providing security for the candidate. Radio host Steve Bannon and election denier “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell joined Mastriano for a voter integrity conference in 2022.

Schroy sees things differently. “Your right to vote is sacred and we must never allow state officials or legislatures to overturn election results because they do not like them,” Schroy said. “I will fight every effort to repeal mail-in voting, reduce access to drop boxes, or hinder your constitutional right to vote in any way.” 

In addition to serving as chair of the Franklin County Democratic Committee, Schroy also volunteers his time as a member of the Greencastle Area, Franklin County, Water Authority, and other community-based programs.

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An educator with a strong focus on civics, Schroy seeks to strengthen public education in the Commonwealth. “We must fully fund Pre-K – 12th public education and give every Pennsylvanian child the tools they need for a happy, successful life,” he said and added that the funding of charter school remains a concern. “Charter schools shouldn’t rip off taxpayers and school districts by hundreds of millions of dollars, and teachers should be supported in the classroom.”

Protecting and strengthening the quality of life for Pennsylvania residents is another top priority for Schroy.

“Franklin County and Adams County deserve a senator who will be an advocate for our region – not one who picks partisan fights and refuses to work for the greater good of all Pennsylvanians.”

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