Election Deniers Remain a Threat to Democracy in Pennsylvania

All Voting is Local PA and One PA are calling for a 2020 fake elector currently serving on Allegheny County’s Board of Elections to resign.
Allegheny County Councilman At-Large Sam DeMarco. (Allegheny County Council photo.)

The two groups are calling for the resignation of Allegheny County Councilman At-Large Sam DeMarco, who holds a seat on the Allegheny County Board of Elections. DeMarco is also a chair of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County.

In 2020 and in his official capacity, DeMarco refused to certify the results in the presidential election. He also signed on as a fake elector to overthrow the results of the election in favor of Donald Trump.

All Voting is Local Action’s Pennsylvania State Director Nick Pressley and OnePA’s Executive Director Steve Paul noted the danger DeMarco poses to the 2024 election calling for DeMarco’s resignation in a press release issued Monday.

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“As we turn our calendars to a major presidential election year, it has become a glaring issue that Allegheny County Councilman At-Large Sam DeMarco is still in a position of power over elections in 2024,” Pressley and Paul said. “If voters in Pennsylvania and beyond can’t be sure that their elected officials will respect their right to vote, then that official has no right to run for public office.”

Pat Poprik, chair of the Republican Party of Bucks County signed on as a fake elector in an attempt to undermine the will of voters who cast ballots for President Joe Biden. What’s worse is that Gannett’s two local daily newspapers, The Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer, have yet to report on it – three years later. 

The Bucks County Board of Elections is overseen by the county commissioners making November’s Democratic blue wave, specifically the reelection of Diane Marseglia and Bob Harvey, quite significant.

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Pennsylvania’s fake electors escaped potential prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice due to a legal caveat within the document that qualified their votes only if a court deemed them to be the “duly elected and qualified Electors.”

All Voting is Local Action and OnePA are not-for-profits seeking to advance voting rights and social justice awareness through an assortment of people powered campaigns.

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