Bucks County Voters Keep Democrats in Control of the State House by Electing Jim Prokopiak to Represent the 140th District

Tuesday's special election saw local voters decisively reject the extremist MAGA agenda, choosing instead to embrace protecting abortion rights, expanding workers’ rights, and defending public education.
Democrat Jim Prokopiak is elected to represent state House District 140. (Photo courtesy of the Prokopiak campaign)

Democratic candidate Jim Prokopiak secured victory on Tuesday in a special election for the 140th District, delivering Democrats the majority in Pennsylvania’s state House.

Prokopiak, a 30-year resident of Levittown who served as a Falls Township Supervisor and currently sits on the Pennsbury School Board, overwhelmingly defeated Republican Candice Cabanas by securing 67.33 percent of the electorate.

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“I ran for this seat because I want to make peoples’ lives easier in Bucks County,” said Prokopiak who is looking forward to addressing constituent concerns in Harrisburg. “What I heard from voters is that Bucks County residents need help supporting their families, want control over their own bodies, and ensure they have the ability to chart their own paths in life.”

“This victory is a promising sign for Democrats up and down the ballot this year – it’s clear that momentum is on our side,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Heather Williams. “Now, our focus turns to defending the Pennsylvania House and making gains in the Pennsylvania Senate in November.”

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Since 2022, Democrats have maintained a narrow majority in the House, which has been contested and settled through six special elections in the past year.

Pennsylvania’s 140th House District had been represented by Democrat John Galloway since 2006. In November, Galloway ran for and won the race for district judge and resigned afterward.

“I want to thank voters in my district who put their trust in me, as well as the DLCC for their support,” Pokopiak said. “I’m excited to get to work with the House Democratic majority to deliver for families across Bucks County and Pennsylvania.” 

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures and building state infrastructure.

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