The Biden Campaign Returns To Pennsylvania With An Economic Plan That Benefits The Middle Class

The differences between the economic plans of the presidential nominees are as different as night and day. As President Biden crisscrosses the state, former president Trump sits in a courtroom facing felony charges.
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President Joe Biden will travel to Pennsylvania today for a three-day tour of the state with Scranton, the working-class city where he was raised being his first stop.

It’s no coincidence that Biden’s visit comes one day after April 15, Tax Day, or that Pennsylvania’s primary election is exactly one week away.

The president intends to emphasize a straightforward yet crucial economic question: Should the tax code benefit wealthy individuals or the middle class?

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According to the Biden Campaign, this election presents a choice between two fundamentally different visions for our nation. President Biden envisions the world from a working-class perspective while Trump’s point of view is based from his elite private country club in Palm Beach, Florida.

While President Biden advocates for ending the practice of billionaires paying a lower tax rate than a firefighter, a teacher, or a nurse, Donald Trump has promised to provide additional tax breaks and special loopholes to the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations, similar to the donors and allies he welcomes to Mar-a-Lago.

When president, Trump’s approach was to reward the wealthiest Americans and corporations at the expense of the middle class, and he’s planning to intensify that free-for-all with yet another Billionaire Tax Break

Trump Will Reduce Billionaires’ Tax Bills by Millions of Dollars and Make The Tax Scam Permanent.

Trump wants to give billionaires another tax handout of more than $3.5 million apiece, every year — nearly 50 times the typical American family’s yearly income.

To accomplish this scam, Trump will dismantling the Affordable Care Act, taking health insurance away from the middle class.

Trump Will Give Large Corporations Another Enormous Tax Handout.

Big corporations will receive an approximate $1.5 trillion windfall, allowing mega-companies to game the Internal Revenue Service while continuing to raise consumer prices.

Trump will reduce the corporate tax rate even more and revoke President Biden’s corporate minimum tax that helps ensure billion-dollar companies can’t get away with paying $0 in federal income taxes.

By Trump’s last year in office, 55 of the largest U.S. companies realized $40 billion in profits yet paid $0 in federal income taxes.

Trump will allow wealthy tax cheats to get out of paying what they owe, creating a $5 trillion deficit.

How does Trump plan to cover that tremendous shortfall? Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block and referred to as “entitlements.” Far from a entitlement, working class Americans have been paying into Social Security with mandatory tax deductions from every paycheck with the expectation that those dollars be returned when they retire.

President Biden and Vice President Harris see a different future.

Their proposal ensures that the ultra-wealthy and corporations will pay their fair share while reducing taxes for the middle class.

President Biden and Vice President Harris aim to reduce taxes for tens of millions of Americans. No one earning less than $400,000 will pay an extra cent in federal taxes and tax reductions will go to people who actually need them including:

A tax cut of up to $3,600 per child that will benefit 66 million children.

$10,000 tax cut for millions of first-time homebuyers and families looking to trade up their starter home.

Making permanent the $800 average tax cut for millions of people buying health insurance on the marketplace.

An $800 average tax cut for 19 million front-line workers who aren’t paid enough.

President Biden and Vice President Harris plan to finance these tax reductions by ensuring the ultra-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share by:

– Implementing a 25% minimum income tax for billionaires, ensuring they do not pay a lower tax rate than a firefighter, a teacher, a sanitation worker, or a nurse.

Mandating that ultra-wealthy contribute their portion toward Medicare to safeguard the program and prolong Medicare solvency for future generations.

Taking action against major multinational corporations and pharmaceutical companies that avoid paying taxes by increasing corporate tax rates, and quadrupling the tax on firms that repurchase their own shares instead of investing in employees or reducing prices.

Closing loopholes and eliminating tax breaks for special interests.

Ending tax breaks for corporations when they award multimillion-dollar compensation to their executives, buy corporate jets for their CEOs’ travel, or transfer profits and operations overseas.

In addition to Tuesday’s visit to Scranton, President Biden will also be visiting Pittsburgh on Wednesday and Philadelphia on Thursday.

“In the country’s biggest battleground, the Biden-Harris campaign and Democratic party are building a ‘behemoth’ of a campaign in Pennsylvania, including the infrastructure necessary to communicate with voters in every part of the state,” said Julie C. Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager.

In the month of March, the Pennsylvania Democratic coordinated campaign opened 14 offices in a single week, engaged 1,700 volunteers, and launched key coalitions across the state to organize in communities that will be critical to our victory in 2024, including Out for Biden-Harris, Latinos con Biden-Harris, and Women for Biden-Harris.

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The campaign advised that “these efforts come following historic investments by the DNC into the state ahead of the 2022 midterms that helped deliver historic wins in competitive Senate and gubernatorial races.”

The Trump campaign still has no public presence in Pennsylvania and that the RNC abandoned plans to open a minority outreach office in Allentown, according to Biden campaign officials.

This will be the eighth time the President or Vice President has traveled to Pennsylvania this year and while Biden is visiting Scranton today, Trump sits in a Manhattan courtroom facing felony charges for “hush money” payments to a porn star in 2016.

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