Indivisible Bucks County to Host ‘Majority Over MAGA’ Reproductive Freedom Rally

Reproductive rights defenders will gather and call out Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s voting record that repeatedly fails to support a woman’s right to choose.
Bucks County's Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has a long record of opposing abortion rights and Planned Parenthood.

Constituents in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District will gather in support of reproductive health care outside of Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick Langhorne office on Friday at 5 p.m.

Speakers include Democratic Congressional candidate Ashley Ehasz, Bucks County Clerk of Courts Eileen Hartnett Albillar, and Julia Cao, a local Planned Parenthood storyteller.

“This week marks the two year anniversary of the Dobbs decision,” said Ehasz, a combat veteran and Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District. “And I want to make sure the voters of PA-01 remember that Brian Fitzpatrick has been a willing participant in overturning Roe, chipping away at reproductive rights and voting for a national abortion ban. I’m fired up to work with Indivisible Bucks County to flip this seat and protect abortion rights at the federal level.”

The event serves to underscore the critical importance of electing officials committed to safeguarding women’s reproductive health care in Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania in the upcoming November elections.

“Brian Fitzpatrick is the most anti-choice lawmaker in Bucks County, so it is only fitting that we bring this issue to his doorstep,” said Laura Rose of Indivisible Bucks County.

Referring to red states where women’s reproductive health care has become a GOP target, Rose added that women are dying due to the inhumane legislative goals of a far-right extremist minority. “The rollback of women’s rights is appalling, disgusting, and dangerous,” she said.
Albillar noted that this is a human rights issue.

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“We are facing threats to reproductive rights from all angles. Our own congressman wants to ban abortion, and voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act, while extremists in our Pennsylvania legislature are also working tirelessly to restrict abortion services,” Albillar said. “There is no rational justification to deny healthcare to women and girls. Sexual health care and reproductive health care are essential human rights.” 

Abortion remains legal in Pennsylvania although services are less plentiful. In May, the Planned Parenthood facility located in Warminster announced it will be closing its doors on June 28.

“The closing of the Warminster Planned Parenthood after about 30 years of service to women in our community is a sad outcome of the [GOP] assault on women’s rights,” said Statehouse Representative Brian Munroe (D-144) at a recent roundtable discussion.

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The event, located at 1717 Langhorne-Newtown Road in Langhorne, is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m., and rally-goers are encouraged to bring signage in support of a woman’s right to choose.

“Majority Over MAGA”, a nationwide program by Indivisible, aims to build a new Democratic trifecta, reelect President Biden, and mobilize a majority against the anti-democracy, anti-abortion politics of MAGA. 

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