Pennsylvania House Democrats Pass Legislation to Protect Consumers from Undisclosed Credit Card Service Charges

Every Republican state representative in Bucks County voted against the proposed law that would protect their constituents from blindly paying hidden fees.
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House Bill 1977, introduced by Pennsylvania State Rep. Darisha Parker (D-198) and drafted in partnership with Rep. Roni Green (D-190), passed on Monday by a vote of 102-100.

Credit cards provide users with a convenient payment source for in-person and online sales, but few realize that banks are in the plastic money business to reap profits from both the consumer and the retailer.

Businesses pay monthly fees to maintain a merchant account and also pay a percentage of each sale to the financial institution processing the payments. HB 1977 will prohibit merchants from adding any of their merchant fees to a consumer’s bill without providing full disclosure of the additional cost.

“Consumers deserve to have all the information before being asked to make a decision on a purchase,” Green said. “This bill is pro-consumer and will ensure that any surcharges or fees are clearly posted by businesses, so that purchases are fair and without unexpected costs.”

Bucks County Republican state representatives KC Tomlinson, Joe Hogan, Shelby Labs, Craig Staats, and Kristin Marcell all voted against the bill to protect consumers. On the other hand, Bucks County Democratic state representatives – Brian Munroe, Jim Prokopiak, Tina Davis, Tim Brennan, and Perry Warren voted for the consumer-friendly legislation.

“Pennsylvania consumers deserve protection at the cash register to ensure they are informed on the true price of their purchase,” Parker said. “This legislation would help consumers face rising prices, while wages stay the same.”

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