Hedwig House To Benefit From $100,000 Grant Secured By State Senator Maria Collett

The new "Healthier You" Program made possible by the funds creates life skill opportunities while providing essential supplies for daily living.

Pennsylvania State Senator Maria Collett (D-12) announced a $100,000 grant last week to benefit “Healthier You,” a new program of Landsdale’s Hedwig House. The campaign will provide access to health screenings and resources such as food, toiletries, school supplies and more to members and to the community.

“As a nurse, I know just how critical regular health screenings and basic necessities are to personal and community health, and how inaccessible they can be to those who need them most,” said Senator Collett. “That’s why I was so proud to secure this $100,000 grant to support Hedwig House’s new initiative.”

In addition to the financial funding, Senator Collett provided thousands of toiletries generously donated by her constituents as part of her office’s February Healthy Communities Donation Drive.

“This funding will be instrumental in launching our new Healthier You Community Campaign,” said Hedwig House, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer Susan Hays. “In addition to the vital resources it will offer, the Healthier You program will create opportunities for our members to practice the life skills central to Hedwig House’s mission.”

Established as a not-for-profit in 1975 to improve the quality of life for adults coping with mental health issues, Hedwig House has since expanded into a variety of programs including psychiatric rehabilitation, job training, long term housing and rental subsidy services throughout Montgomery County.

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Jenny Stephens is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications, including The Reporter. An avid collector of all things vintage, she resides in the Philadelphia area.

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