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The long-term viability and continued growth of the Bucks County Beacon depends on readers becoming monthly sustainers.

Democracy can not function without independent watchdog journalism shining a light on what’s happening politically. When that light is not bright and broad it allows extremism to grow and spread like a fungus in the darkness. For the last few decades local media has largely ignored the growing radicalization of the Bucks County Republican Party’s grassroots base, or at worst it platformed it in order to launder its image and mainstream it. Part of this was due to ideological reasons, though it also has to do with the gutting of local newsrooms – a trend happening not just here but across the country. 

The Bucks County Beacon is encumbered by neither. We are growing, and it’s our mission to shine a light on right-wing extremism, while also highlighting progressive voices and organizing traditionally marginalized or ignored by Bucks County’s two daily newspapers. 

But we need our readers to invest in us so that the Bucks County Beacon is here for the long haul.

We have expanded our news and analysis with writers like Jenny Stephens, Lela Casey, Catherine Caruso, Pat LaMarche, and Peter Greene

Edie Weinstein just launched in February a monthly Bucks County Changemakers Q&A

Jenny Cohn continues to shine a light on white Christian nationalism and other mutations of right-wing extremism.

And of course we have our ever growing list of progressive voices from Bucks County and across Pennsylvania writing for us, that includes Kadida Kenner, Kevin Leven, Kiertsyn Zolfo, Barbara Simmons, Steve Nolan, Steve Cickay, Molly Parzen, Alisa Shargorodsky, Michael Gambone, Emily French, Amy Knecht, Stephanie Barnett Jamison, William Horne, and scores of others.

We also use our social media as a reporting tool which helps get the story out. 

We’ve even launched a podcast called The Signal produced by Bucks County’s Kevin Mahoney of Raging Chicken Media! Here’s Episode 2 where I speak with Maurice Cunningham about the Dark Money and (extremist) parent props infiltrating school boards and trying to destroy public education.

Journalism is a public good that plays a critical role in promoting a healthy and civil society. As we find ourselves in the most uncivil times, at least in my lifetime, the public investing in independent media has never been more urgent. By contributing just $10 per month, you can help us cover the stories that matter and support a healthy democracy and a progressive future in Bucks County and beyond. Our current monthly supporters cover less than 10% of our monthly operating costs, and we need that to increase to ensure that we continue beyond this year.

Together, we can continue this participatory, progressive independent media project to ensure that our community has access to the news and information it needs.

Here’s some of our recent original reporting!

Moms for Liberty Bucks County Leaders Think Public Schools Are Trying to Bring Pedophilia Into the Classrooms

Rainbow Room’s Queer Prom Under Attack by Libs of TikTok, Doug Mastriano, Fox News

Bucks County Changemaker Interview with Kate Nazemi and Kitty Semisch of Advocates for Inclusive Education

Pennsylvania’s Teacher Shortage Will Require Systemic Solutions, Report Says

Bucks County Has Two Millionaires for Every One Homeless School Child

3-2-1 Protest: Central Bucks Community Demonstrates Against Education Gag Policy

It Takes a Village: Expelling Right-Wing Extremism from Bucks County School Districts

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Proves to Be a Loyal Vote for the MAGA Majority in Congress

Bucks County Needs to Resist the Current Conservative Backlash to Racial and Social Progress

Why We Shouldn’t Censor Roald Dahl’s Books

Pennridge Pulls Ahead in Bucks County Right-wing School Boards’ Race to the Bottom with Hillsdale’s 1776 Curriculum

January 6 Committee Made a Mistake Leaving This Stone Unturned

Roger Stone Deserves More Scrutiny for His Role in the Events Leading to January 6

East Palestine Train Derailment A Toxic Reminder Of Our Dangerous Dependence on Plastics

Citing LGBTQ Books, Telford Councilman Admits to Authoring Portions of a Facebook Post Calling to Defund Indian Valley Public Library

Federal Court Says Give Domestic Violence Abusers Guns

Bucks County Changemaker Interview with the Peace Center’s Danny Thomas

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Votes With MAGA Majority to Help Big Oil Get Richer

Pennsylvania House Democrats Want the State Constitution to Protect Workers’ Rights to Organize and Collectively Bargain

Photo Essay: This Is What Resistance Looks Like in Central Bucks School District

Central Bucks School District Will Actually Host Town Halls with Teachers About Classroom Censorship Policy, But After It Already Passed

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter Owners and Operators Get Rich While Students Receive Poor Education

Reflecting on Social Justice Day in Times of Social Turmoil

50 Years after Roe v. Wade, State Courts Are the Last Line of Defense for Abortion in Pennsylvania

Antisemitism: A Growing American Problem

Important New PFAS Developments Increase Clean Water Protections, Access for Bucks County Communities

Moving Beyond the Plague of Plastics

New Book Busts Historical Myths and Misinformation About the United States

The Role of Real Estate in the For-Profit Charter School Grift

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Voted for Two Anti-Abortion Bills This Week

Pennsylvania Abortion Clinics Are Seeing an Influx of Out-of-State Patients Seeking Abortion Care

Protecting Public Education Can Help Protect the Country from Another January 6th Insurrection

PA01 Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick Kicks Off New Congress with Union Busting Vote

Race Matters: Talking About Race and Racism in Bucks County

“Walls Turned Sideways Are Bridges”: A Review of ‘An Autobiography’ by Angela Davis

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Two Years after the Insurrection

Racist Mass Violence Isn’t Incidental To White Conservatism—It Is Its Defining Feature

The Important Legacies of the January 6th Conspiracy

Support progressive, independent media.

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Cyril Mychalejko

Cyril Mychalejko is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bucks County Beacon. Read his columns on Sundays and follow him on Twitter.

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