Bucks County Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick Makes Another MAGA Move By Voting for Biden Impeachment Inquiry

The twice Trump-endorsed Republican who voted twice against Trump’s impeachment now backs a Republican witch hunt against President Biden.
brian fitzpatrick

Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick voted in lockstep with other GOP House members on Monday to greenlight a “baseless” impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden.

“This revenge impeachment inquiry vote follows nearly a year of investigation by several House committees who found no evidence of impeachable actions by the President,” wrote Indivisible Bucks County in a press release.

A review of the 1st Congressional District lawmaker’s recent votes undermines his self-proclaimed moderate, bipartisanship (which is often sheepishly parroted by local media). For example, following the removal of Speaker McCarthy in October, Fitzpatrick voted for MAGA extremist Rep. Jim Jordan twice, and then voted for McCarthy’s eventual replacement, Christian Nationalist Rep. Mike Johnson.

Additionally, the Congressman sent a letter – paid for with tax dollars – to all of his district’s registered Republican voters to boast of his far-right votes, which include a national ban on abortion, a Moms for Liberty-backed education bill, building a wall on the southern border, among others. 

“Brian Fitzpatrick revealed his true partisan colors with his vote today,” said Indivisible Bucks County’s Laura Rose. “This is nothing but a desperate attempt to damage the President, all to divert attention away from the House Republicans’ own inability to perform the normal business of governing and the criminal charges looming over former President Trump.”

Melissa Branngan of Indivisible Bucks also weighed in. “This vote, when piled on top of our Congressman’s other hyper-partisan actions, show that it is long past time for media outlets to reframe the way they depict Brian Fitzpatrick.”

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Branngan said that Fitzpatrick’s unfounded impeachment inquiry shows his support of a revenge-seeking Donald Trump and contradicts his claims that he prioritizes bipartisanship. “There is nothing moderate about this Fitzpatrick-supported impeachment inquiry,” she added.

As recently noted by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, 2022-2023 represents the second least productive year in Congress since 1931-1932 when only 21 bills were passed. Over the last year, Congress has passed just 22 bills. This Fitzpatrick-backed inquiry is just another nothing burger with all the MAGA fixings served by an unproductive Republican-controlled Congress. 

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