OPINION: In the Congressional Race Between Republican Incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick and Democrat Ashley Ehasz, the Choice Is Between Fascism or Freedom

While the Bucks County Republican disingenuously tries to distance himself from Trump and the authoritarian MAGA agenda, his record in its entirety proves otherwise.
Pro-Trump supporters rally at New York criminal court on April 4, 2023. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick needs to retire from public office and devote his time to working with other former office holders like Adam Kinsinger and Liz Cheney to reformulate and revitalize the Republican Party. The voters of PA01 need to help him make this transition by voting him out of office and make the decision for him since he does not have the courage to do this without a push from the constituents he serves – but does not in reality actually represent.

Ashley Ehasz is a Democrat who deserves a chance to put her skills to work for the people of Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District, and I contend that all voters need to work together to make this happen.

So what is the difference between these two candidates, and between their political parties? What do they promise for our future? It finally comes down to two words: Fascism vs. Freedom.

This begs the question: Is Brian Fitzpatrick a fascist? If you support fascists, if you endorse fascists, if you vote for fascists, does that make you a fascist? It either makes you a fascist or a fool. It seems harsh to label Brian Fitzpatrick as either a fascist or a fool, but what does his record say? 

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He voted to support House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Christian nationalist and leader of the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. Before that, he voted twice to install Jim Jordan as Speaker, a leader of the MAGA Republicans. He voted to proceed with the impeachment of President Biden, against all evidence to the contrary. He has done nothing to stand up to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, when he could have forced a vote in the House months ago, and now proposes further delay to consider his own bill. By his silence on policy issues he OKs the MAGA Republican Party’s embrace of Viktor Orbán, a proven fascist and dictator who is the darling and role model of Trump and his MAGA Republican movement.

So is Brian Fitzpatrick a fascist? He certainly supports the concept in his votes in Congress.

Voting for any Republican who does not denounce and reject MAGA extremism is sadly, and ominously, an endorsement of fascism, and to date there are precious few Republicans who have the temerity to buck their own Party and call them out for what it stands for. Former members of Congress Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are two exceptions, and maybe those Congressmen whose departure from the House shrinks the GOP majority to a tissue thin margin. The real Republican Party of Lincoln brand used to stand for authentic debatable alternatives, based on policy and character. Now the MAGA Republican Party cowers in the shadow of a man who admires dictators, and who longs for the adulation and absolute power that comes with that loyalty and fealty to his lies, and who threatens violent retribution for those who do not toe the line. Trump aims to destroy faith in the very systems which have made our Country the envy of the World – the Rule of Law, free and fair elections, the embrace of new citizens, opportunities for personal growth, respect for freedom.

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Our Country did not achieve its place in the World under a strongman dictator, but by embracing the notion that people should be free, and acknowledging that Freedom is a Right for all, not a privilege for the few who can afford a seat at the Trump table.

So it’s Freedom vs Fascism on the ballot in every election across the Nation in 2024. The future is in our hands, but only if we choose to accept the challenge.

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