Ripping the ‘Moderate’ Mask Off of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

Bucks County Beacon columnist Kierstyn Zolfo and Raging Chicken Press Editor Kevin Mahoney dig into Fitzpatrick's "anti-abortion record, his election integrity gaslighting, his use of alternative facts," and more!
out d'coup with kierstyn zolfo

PA Indivisible legislative chair Kierstyn Zolfo was featured on Bucks County’s Raging Chicken Press podcast to unmask Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and expose his more extremist politics.



After A White Supremacist Massacred 10 People In Buffalo, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Voted Against Protecting The Country From Racist Domestic Terrorists

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s Use Of Dirty Campaign Money Is Shameful

Don’t Let Him Fool You, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Is Anti-Choice 

‘Alternative Facts’: Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Applies As Needed

It’s Time To End The Brian Fitzpatrick Marketing Machine

Brian Fitzpatrick’s Votes Actually Align Him With Putin-Loving Trump And Against Ukraine

League Of Conservation Voters Say Brian Fitzpatrick Is Losing It 

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