Bucks County Beacon Writer Spotlight: Catherine Caruso

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How did you first get into journalism and writing?

I’ve always loved writing, but I really became interested in journalism specifically during my sophomore year of college. I started off writing for an online university publication and later became an editor at a student-run LGBTQ magazine. I guess it all snowballed from there. After graduating and completing a couple internships, I eventually began scoring bylines in both local and national publications, writing about politics, education, and LGBTQ rights, among other topics. It wasn’t always a smooth or straightforward journey, but I’m grateful to now be in a position where I can tell important and meaningful stories. 

What is your approach to journalism? Why do you write and what do you hope to accomplish with your articles? 

I’m a very curious person and so I generally like digging into stories that I want to learn more about. I also like bringing greater awareness to issues that are misunderstood or seldom discussed. Sometimes this means debunking disinformation or offering historical context to a more timely problem, and sometimes it means talking to people who are being directly affected by discriminatory laws and rhetoric. Overall, I want the articles I write to answer people’s questions and pique their interest. I want them to care. 

What do you think are the most important issues that we face today, and why? 

I think there are many important issues that we’re facing today. Abortion rights and LGBTQ rights are among the first that come to mind. Everyone should have agency and autonomy over their own bodies. Everyone should have the freedom and legal right to make personal decisions for themselves. Climate change is also an important and dire issue that is already affecting the planet and will only continue to worsen without drastic intervention. Voting rights and racial justice are crucially important, as well. Not to mention the ongoing attacks on education. Suffice to say, there is no shortage of crises or injustices in need of attention, compassion, and systemic change.

Which publications and journalists do you follow? 

I follow NBC News, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Slate, Teen Vogue, The New Republic, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Nation, and The Washington Post, among other publications. As for journalists, I really admire the work of Ben Collins, Jennifer Berkshire, Melissa Gira Grant, Mark Joseph Stern, and many others. 

Why is it important for people to support independent media outlets like the Bucks County Beacon? 

Investing in local news and independent media is important now more than ever. It is crucial to a functioning democracy to have publications focusing on the ins and outs of local politics, and the Bucks County Beacon does just that. 

Catherine’s articles:

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