New Apostolic Reformation Prophet Calls Abby Abildness the Paul Revere of Pennsylvania

Spiritual warfare is being launched in PA to transform the country into a biblical nation.

“As Pennsylvania goes, so goes the nation” is the common phrase used by Christian Dominionist New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) believers, including former Pennsylvania governor candidate and State Senator Doug Mastriano.

But what does this exactly mean?

Pennsylvania has been prophesied to be the “holy seed.” A holy seed planted in our Holy Harrisburg Capitol that will grow a utopian Biblical government serving as a model not only for the rest of the United States, but the entire world.

And the biggest prophet in the Christian Supremacist NAR movement, Chuck Pierce, has given Apostle Abby Abildness the mantle of being Pennsylvania’s “Paul Revere.” Abby’s job? To carry the message of a Great Awakening through her William Penn documentary until our nation changes to a land ruled by Godly leaders. 

Pierce’s directive for Pennsylvania aired on January 17 as the first Revelation call of his Surrounding the Nation 50 states. In addition to Abildness, 13 Colonies Council Leader & Apostle Sheryl Price and two Scranton pastors also appeared on the call to talk about Pierce’s Scranton appearance at Lackawanna College where 600 attended in August 2023. 

Pierce is known for his spiritual warfare rhetoric: “Pennsylvania is being unlocked. What would that mean for America? Freedom again … So in this era of war, the era also means how we speak.” And Abildness will be that spiritual war mouthpiece to transform our state and nation under God with her Penn’s Seed film as the catalyst.

For more information about Abildness and her work in PA, read Jenny Cohn’s article “Pennsylvania’s Prayer Warrior: Abby Abildness And Her Dominionist Crusade In The Commonwealth.”

For more information about the New Apostolic Reformation, listen to editor Cyril Mychalejko’s podcast interview with Frederick Clarkson, “The New Apostolic Reformation: A Revolutionary Theocratic Movement Coming for Pennsylvania, the Nation, and the World.”

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